Optimum Utilization of an Essential Growth Factor

A key growth factor in horticulture is CO2. An efficient CO2installation helps you kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand you achieve efficient reuse of a ‘by-product' during the heating process, on the other hand you apply CO2 fertilizing to encourage crop growth. Hence the high quality standards you apply to your CO2 Units, which are the same high standards that Enalco applies to its CO2 Units. Utilizing the latest insights and the most efficient technologies, we develop custom CO2 Units to match individual boiler specifications. Reliable calculation methods guarantee the appropriate capacity of your CO2 Unit.

More Efficiency of Your CO2 Installation

Specializing in CO2 Units, we are familiar with all aspects that determine efficiency of a CO2 producing process. It starts with delivering customized jobs. Every detail counts. The latest computer models are applied to accurately calculate required capacity, pressure distribution, length of piping, and distribution of CO2 in the greenhouse. The use of materials of proven durability assures you of a CO2 Unit that guarantees years of flawless production. Enalco's eye for detail is revealed e.g. in its CO2valve: to assure uninterrupted functioning of your installation, this valve is always made of stainless steel. No corrosion, minimum maintenance.

Safety Goes Without Saying

And obviously you can expect a supplier such as Enalco to produce your CO2 Unit in accordance with all applicable regulations. Our CO2 Units are constructed as per GIVEG Standard. In other words, electrical components satisfy the strictest safety standards. Installations can be wired quickly and completely on site.