Every Installation its Matching Chimney

Every CHP Installation or boiler installation demands its specific chimney. The power of Enalco is that you are absolutely assured that our chimney is the most ideal one for your system. Additionally to our total package for flue gas systems, we also design, construct and manufacture custom chimneys in every specified diameter.

Superior Materials

Chimneys 200 mm diameter and above are routinely produced by the same strict philosophy that leads to top quality in the other components: thorough research in the engineering phase, utilizing all available modern technologies and computer applications in the construction phase, and opting for superior quality materials such as aluminium, COR-TEN steel or stainless steel. Enalco knows all chimney-related standards. Specified by the exhaust gases to be discharged, draught values, condensation values and temperature impact, you are assured of perfect thermal and mechanical properties.

Complete in Every Detail

Using standard elements, every chimney can be completely customized. Including supports, chimney segments, rain canopies, internal rain walls, wall and roof plates, and connectors for CHP or boiler connections. Perfect manufacturing is in the hands of welders who hold all relevant qualifications and make use of advanced protective surface treatments. Also for realizing further specifications of your chimney we are a flexible partner. Do you wish your chimney partly colour-sprayed? Do you opt for free-standing units, installation via the roof, or for supported units? Do you prefer an inspection hatch? Enalco has the capacity to deliver the complete installation. Every chimney leaving our plant optimally satisfies every requirement in terms of assured quality and durability. Its specifications precisely matching the CHP Installation or boiler installation that you supply to your client.