Key to Maximum Energy Efficiency

Energy is a high-cost production factor in horticulture and the trend is for this production cost factor to increase even more in future which is why energy saving in horticulture has taken off the way it has. An installed exhaust gas condenser enables a business owner to effectively realize such a saving. Installing an exhaust gas condenser behind the boiler enables businesses to recover the heat from exhaust gases. Depending on the type of condenser, this may produce a 10% saving! Enalco offers the engineering to realize such savings in practice.

Efficiency First

The aluminium pipe condensers and stainless steel fin condensers deliver high efficiency in combination with prolonged durability. Our in-house engineering and reliable calculation models enable us to design, on the basis of boiler specifications, a custom exhaust gas condenser. The choice of condenser type best matching your business depends on your wishes and on the available space at your location. Where aluminium pipe condensers furnish the higher efficiency, the stainless steel fin condensers are more compact.

Durability Assured

In both cases you are assured of high quality. Enalco uses only superior materials. Assuring that your condenser is corrosion proof, and its durability optimal. To ensure this optimum economic life, you can inspect our condensers at any time on the exhaust gas side. Because Enalco has all the expertise and experience in-house to build them from A to Z, you are assured of an optimum match between your condenser and your heating system.